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2016-08-15 09:49:47 (UTC)

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The other day wen I was upset on my pcod I was so depressed that I cried. V had called me n he discovered how upset iw as n he was so sweet to make me smile laugh n pamper me.
I just love him. I am in love with his soul.
He is so much for me n always by my side. He is never gets annoyed by me my harkate n my problems. He loves me too. He made me laugh my actg funny n making me sure that all will be fine.
He is in his hometown for vacation to spend time it family. I so miss him. He make sure that he send me msg n not make me feel alone.
I had 2 dats off from office for independence day n Sunday. I relaxed at home. Tomorrow again stupid office. I discovered that I have saved more than 40k in my account wow... M glad..
Hoping for new job now and more money also discovering how can I make more
Now buying a house in my aim. I have to before I turn 29 I have good 3 yrs but I have to pace up.
I'll speak to v to get settled n get married to me. M so sure abt him. But for now I dnt wanna get in to commitment. Fund it too early. I know him from 1 yr now.
Gonna take mom to ortho back home n day finished.
Pheww wanna sleep but no sleep. Wen at office I feel so sleepy..
Anyways cyaaa