The Grown Up Years of a Weird Woman
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2016-08-14 22:24:52 (UTC)

Sophomore Year

hey journal and readers,

here to talk about sophomore year.

I had some classes with friends, and the worst of classes with none.

Tbh nothing important really happened. I mean I smoked weed for the first time but I only took 'one hit'. I didn't really like it.

I hate drugs they honestly just ruin peoples lives (not weed) But I tried doing something new because why not. I wasn't going to commit to it. I want to be in control of my life, but my brain sorta does the opposite. I always wander off into my thoughts.

My friend Izzy got so much worse this year, she is really up and into drugs. I was worried for her but she can be so selfish. I'm just fed up & not even gonna try anymore.

Sophomore year was just a haze, I wish I lived it better. Tried more in math. Studied. That's what I think every summer lol "I'll do better next time!" Tries only for 1 trimester, winter break comes and I'm out.

Anyway not much happened Sophomore year, I'm going into my Junior year now.
I did meet a real psychic however. She's amazing oh my god, told my sisters,moms, and my characteristics. Even listed names in a few of our readings. Apparently I'm going to get a boyfriend in October. When it happens I'll let you know then we'll know her predictions were right! I honestly don't really know who it'll be, apparently I know em!! Haha not many people I say yes to when they ask me out.

It's not because I find them unattractive or anything, I just see how they act and talk. I don't date perverts or assholes. Nice and sweet, funny people.
Honestly, I'm just a huge romantic.

I want the fairy tale shit but with a humor to it. I'd date someone if I can see myself marrying them one day. (Not that I have the expectation of them to oblige to that but you get me) So many people date people for no reason, it's just weird!!

NOT SURE IF I'M READY TO DATE ANYONE UGH. I've never dated someone before because people my age are just duuuuuuuuuuuuumb lmao like no kidding it's a nightmare to date anyone even remotely around my age!
Men suck.

Anyway, sophomore year for ye. Laters. -Katie