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2016-08-14 18:03:09 (UTC)


Happy two month anniversary babe! This Summer has flown by, but it doesn’t feel like two months. Time literally slips away when I’m by your side. One moment it’s 10PM; the next thing I know it’s 6:55AM. At the same time, it feels like we’ve known each other for a long time. Cheers to us.

08/12/16 all begins with the creation of Operation Pablo. The night before we made an organized scheme that we followed step by step. Just as planned, Pablo came to my house during the morning. We ate Enchiladas and gave each other gifts. He caught me by surprise and gave me a Stephen King novel! It wasn’t just any other writer like Michael Connelly or James Patterson; this is my favorite horror writer of all time!!!

Pablo also gave me a romantic letter that I soon put up on my wall in my bedroom (This letter was next to another letter from our one month anniversary). He also wrote a short entry about us in our blue Journal. I was head over heels when he gave me a cheesecake. Nothing is better than homemade dessert! It had a design of a poke-ball with a red heart in the middle. I loved each and every one of these gifts. Side note: his cheesecakes are delicious!

Next up, we went to dine out at Pizza Hut. It was the late afternoon and Pablo was craving hot wings. My taste buds were begging for a large meat lovers pizza with cheese in the crust. Yum! The food was tasty- sadly we were rushed thanks to a phone call. Caller ID let me know it was my grandma. I left without telling her and now I was caught in the act. I got home and was scolded once more. This time she took my phone away. Small price to pay considering the other things I’ve done before…

The clock read 10PM and it was go time. I packed up four water bottles, a bag of cookies, candies, granola bars, and a red apple (This comes in handy later). Then I silently tiptoed out of my house. I went through the back door and left the fence unlocked. We met up at the Mormon church and he drove us to his house. After hanging out there for a while we went to Sun Beam lake. On our way home we sang along to Paramore and My Chemical Romance.

Oh I fancy him dearly!

~Yours Truly,