A lady in the crowd
2016-08-14 16:42:22 (UTC)

Overrated Summer.

Summer time has been like matter, it's everywhere. I have been in strange places and situations in the past couple of months. Some time has been spent taking a Speech 100 class at Imperial Valley College. Then we did a Law Enforcement Academy where a lieutenant yells at us at the top of his lungs. We did cardio and core workouts for 45 minutes, jumped 6 foot fences, ran 1.5 miles, and dragged a 165 pound dummy. We also chanted to running cadences from the Marine Corps, US Army, and the Air Force. All of us were full of motivation and we were hyped with energy for our run. Here's one of my favorite cadences.

"I don't know what I've been told...
Eskimo Pussy is mighty cold..
Mmm good
Feels good
Is good
Real good
Tastes good
Mighty good
Good for you
Good for me"

Boy I love this Academy!

I had many restless nights where I went out the night before, then I woke at 5:20 AM to go to morning practice for cross country. After that, I would order something at Mac Donald's or Jack, then I was off to the Academy. It felt exhausting at one point. Hours of sleep deprivation caught up to me and affected my health two days before the Academy was over. Not only was I exhausted, I also got a vaccine that left my arm in pain; I got a heavy fever. Still I showed up the next morning, was in the front group, and I yelled the cadences. We got a certificate by the time the Academy was over and I earned 3 units for Speech 100.

A lot of time and energy was invested here for two and a half months. At times it was hard, but saying it's impossible is overrated. Anybody could do this. We had people who came in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some worked for it harder than others but we all ran the same distance and did the same amount of push-ups.

~Yours Truly,