A lady in the crowd
2016-08-14 16:15:29 (UTC)

Who Cares?

We pretend and act like it all matters
Like being liked is vital to existence
Beneath the mask, nobody gives a damn.

Nobody cares if you're the freak show
Or most popular and well respected.
Whether you have the style of a whore or uptown lady
Worst or best dressed, nothing matters.

There are critics
Who judge others...
At night they cry themselves to sleep
Surrounded by their own insecurities.

"Their perceptions of you
Is only a reflection of them."
Remember this,
Write this quote down or tattoo it on your ass cheeks.

Passing faces could care less
Whether or not
You live to tell a story or suffocate to death
'Nothing really matters.

Meeting people
New names to memorize
New stories with new words that my ears have never heard
The old saying stays the same
"True friends are hard to find."

I talk to plenty everyday
But my inner circle stays small
Nobody cares but there are a special few.

~Yours Truly,

Dedicated to: Amna, Joel, and Pablo.