Mama O'Shenan

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2016-08-14 01:54:52 (UTC)

He was never real...

Just sitting here being sad. I fell in love with a beautiful person, but that person never truely existed. As I sit here and cry I realize everything I loved about him was all lies. He said I always come home to you, while he lied about working and was actually spending his days with some girl. He said he wanted this life when in actuality he wanted to do drugs. I guess I just wanted to believe he wanted me the way I fell for him. I wish he would have stayed honest n I could have kept my distance. He never had to say he loved me. He never had to tell those lies. Now I'm sitting here heartbroken wondering how I was so stupid, but the truth is he lied to me over n over. He made me lose ppl who did care about me so he could control me and when he realized he couldn't I became the bad guy. I've been hurt n I've done a lot to make him hurt like I do but the truth is its a waste if u can sit n say some of the things I've heard out of his mouth everyone is better off he does go back to jail. Between the drugs, girls,awful decisions he makes, everyone is safer the longer he is gone. Yes I'm sad but that's because the man he never really was is dead...