deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2016-08-19 09:12:49 (UTC)

August 13....

Today is one of the alternating weekends i don't have class and i was hoping and praying You would arrive. it i going on 10:15 and no sign of You so i am guessing You won't make it.

i am thinking that Your new relationship is going quite well and becoming more commanding of Your time.....and there isn't much i can do about that except be patient.

It i now 10:15.....and i will wait as long as i can.


your patience is a beautiful thing for both of U/us

Things are going well but I miss you and can't wait to spend time again. I neglected to say last weekend was Dad's 80th bday so I had gone to Myrtle Beach (alone) to hang out with him. We keep working at this and we will be fine. misssssssssing youuuu. This weekend is out for you, right?

wish you had a day home today like I do!