The Grown Up Years of a Weird Woman
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2016-08-12 18:00:00 (UTC)

I do not know

Hey Journal and readers,

I've been thinking about love lately. I know I want it. BUT men have just been disappointing to the women in my life.

I know women can be just as bad, but men don't love and care as much as girls because we were 'made' to care by some sort of science shit. We were made to be emotional.

Men are so lucky not to have that and so unlucky at the same time.
Us women are pretty extraordinary to give and give and give after being broken so many times.

Shout-out to the men that actually give a shit as much as women do.

I've been hurt by men so often and I wasn't even in a relationship with them lmao, imagine if I was! That would've sucked haha.

But we don't need a man or woman to complete us, lets try to love ourselves more ladies and gents. Learn not to be co-dependent. It's a tough world when 'love' and 'relationships' make you lust on it.

But the tabloids never show the independent men and women who are striving in happiness they made themselves not on chemicals made by our brain.

I probably don't make any sense but if you get what I mean, cudos on you.:)
That's the rant for rn, so thanks for reading if you did.
Much love and respect,

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