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me and my life
2016-08-12 16:29:57 (UTC)

It's gonna be alright

Writing after many days.. coz all des days everything was fine today bit upset I aksed v to meet as he leaving for his native short vacation and he dint meet me more than that I am on no periods from past 6 months have been eatg medicine n spending so much money 1600per month is too much n no results is like waste of money.
M so much worried that I am getting dis real sad feeling afta long time n it's stressing me alot.
I hope all will get fine. Goddess pls bless me
Work is so boring des days. I need desperate change.
Car so far learnt well. But needs lil confidence to drive alone.
M sad aaahhhaaa:(
Gosh feeling is so bad.
M also gonna miss v very badly. Love him loads..