All The My Lame Life That's Fit To P
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2001-10-10 20:46:44 (UTC)


i had an ex write many nasty replies about me saying
something about falling asleep with her. she proceeded to
make an idiot of herself online. i never made mention of
her name in any way yet she seems to think that everyone
knows who she is and that i am making a bad name for her.
also, i said something about getting lucky when it came to
our relationship lasting as long as it did. apparently i
go around telling everyone about each little detail of our
past relationship. i never in meant in any way to say that
when we dated, it was a sham. i'm going to list every
thing i can think of that was cool in that relationship
just so she understands when she decides to read this
again. let's see:

reading to each other
cooking for each other
playing video games
playing paintball
looking at the stars
cuddling by her fireplace
playing board games
writing notes to each other on my calculator
waking up in each other's arms
listening to music (skypark, especially)

well in closing, i wouldn't have said anything unless she
had attacked me like she did. now she's just made me mad
and wanting revenge.

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