mango princess

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2001-03-06 06:04:54 (UTC)

Hrm...kind of a boring day...

Hrm...kind of a boring day. Classes were cancelled due
to "blizzard-like conditions" which was complete bullshit.
I still had work though at the rec center...the only thing
open on all of campus. I worked for six hours vs. the two
and a half I was supposed to work. It's alright though
cause I desperately need the money and what the hell else
would I have done all afternoon? I would have just eaten
and slept. Two wonderful ways to gain the pounds... So
yeah, I am writing this because this storm or whatever is
supposed to be much like the blizzard of 78 and this could
be a monumental step in history or something like that. I
doubt it will even be as big as 78 but whatever. All there
is is sleet and snow, and there was some thunder and
lightning before. Basically that was the whole day plus
all the dumb little funny things that happened.... Last
thing - thought for the day: If you woke up at a
different place, at a different time, would you be somebody
else??? Ed Norton, Fight Club (ahh, what a hottie, and
brad, god I'd love to fuck that!!! I'm so awful, ha!)

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