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2016-08-05 07:48:23 (UTC)

Summer is almost over 2016

Wow its been forever since id wrote on here... basically been 2 months but still long enough.
an a week ill be back in college only focus on my weak class and that's Math 55 again! 4th time, yup. I HAD SCREWED UP BIG TIME!!!!
I am not gonna stress over because it isn't worth it. Im gonna have a better attitude. bout whole thing.
Id talked to Erika and Alisha on the house phone and good hour to an half hour. It was good hearing from them updates on promoted to manager at Subway in Texas. Erika is in a relationship wth bf bout 3 months. and getting ready 4 college once more.
Well with me and James 11 months, we aren't official :(