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2016-08-05 10:00:32 (UTC)

Let's All Take (Use?) Steroids

August 5, 2016 Friday 10:00 AM

?? I was listening to NPR (Round Table, I think) just now and they were talking about the Olympics and one of the ladies goes, "I have a question – why do they bother banning steroids? Why don't they just let all the athletes use it?"

The other 3 speakers were like, "," and they gave their reasons ("let's let everyone rob the bank! that's what you sound like to me") but the first lady stuck to her guns.

She said if they want a level playing field so bad, they should let the athletes take the drugs.

But.... I'm??? Surprised?? None of them brought up the fact that steroids are bAD for you?????

Am I missing something? Can steroids as sport performance enhancers be administered in healthy ways now??? Like... these people won't have heart attacks, right? ANd they won't get addicted???

How did no one bring this up for discussion? HOW CAN YOU THINK DRUg use will have no consequence?

I'm part-yelling, part-curious because I really do feel like I must have missed something as steroid technology has progressed.

I mean, in biology, I learned that it Kills Ya. But??? I don't know.

OK. I have class now. I am going to murder myself ever so gently. No I'm not. But for reals bye.