a step forward
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2016-08-03 17:10:17 (UTC)


dear diary, dear reader,
i think it's time for me to change and take a step forward, yes ... i improved a lot but this made me turn into a less sociable person, and now i hate crowds!! so i decided to face my fears and go participate to an event tomorrow, i wanted to start slow so i'll go with mom,and see how it goes it's about enterpreneurship and these things, so it must be usefull for my future, also i'm going to meet people, people that i don't know and maybe chat alittle who knows??? there's another event for scientists about technology, it's for 2 days they'd teach us about technology 3D printing, web... etc it must be nope HAS TO BE interresting.it's 3 weeks to 4 weeks away from now i'll decide wether to go or not after tomorrow's event, if it goes well, fingers crossed :D
now i have to go work out alittle
have a nice day

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