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2016-08-01 10:16:32 (UTC)

I mean I just don't understand. I've..

I mean I just don't understand. I've seen the girls Brad has gotten with or been in things with before me. All of them are so beautiful. Honestly they're all so skinny and smart and fit. Like Kiv or he mentioned Emily McDonald as well and I just don't get it. I look at me and I see nothing. How can he tell me he sees so much when I see nothing. Is he just saying it? I just don't understand. They're so beautiful.
I'm nothing like any of those girls. So why would he want me? I'm not smart. I'm not spontaneous or fun. I'm not pretty or have a nice body. I'm not fit. I'm not confident. hhhh. I'll never understand. I'm sure he'll see myself how I do one day.