A lady in the crowd
2016-07-31 21:22:51 (UTC)

Friend or Foe?

Is thee haunted by their past?
As much as I?

He's a tainted 'love' from long ago
Though years have passed
Wherever I roam
I'm reminded of times from long ago.

New memories repair the old
Fresh faces make it harder to remember the old
"Out of sight and out of mind"
What a lie...

Still, I remember my old 'companion'
No friend of mine, rather a foe
A deep betrayal that nobody knows.

Almost rape
Did you know, a sprint can save a troubled soul?
I'm alive but traumatized
My body's marked by invisible scars
They'll slowly fade away
But my peace of mind is gone for the rest of my life.

Justice isn't served
'Sexual assault
'A drug cartel
'A trafficker.

You think you know someone well
Until you learn it's a fake name
Until you see behind their scheme.

He's a free man but
Mark my words I want him to rot behind bars
Lock this nameless criminal up!

~Yours Truly,