deanne and Connor

our dialog
2016-07-30 08:59:28 (UTC)

you arent checking here

I don't see that you are checking here as we agreed. I was of course available last week when you weren't and this week I am here early when you cant be. grrrrrrr........what does this week look like? I am home all week and all nights
also you need to get a skype account. yahoo is going away



i am sorry that You were available last week when i had class. i am here this morning as planned and now see that you cannot be. i know i can't come tomorrow as we have plans with some friends.

i can try for a weeknight evening the problem is that often i do not know until last minute. i will do my best though.

IMU too.



think you can make it wed or Thursday night?
let Me know here if you can....xoxoxoxoxo


I checked both response


i couldn't make it either night, sorry! i am working from home today and could be "distracted" for a good reason, but i am highly confident that you are working anyway.

Please remember i have a class tomorrow morning. Will do my best to get on sunday.