a step forward
2016-07-30 00:42:58 (UTC)

update ya

dear diary!! it's been a year and a half already since my last entry.
sooooo .... a quick update
-instead of running away of my problems i faced them all
-i kept only 2 friends and the others i stopêd talking to them
-when only 1 month was left before my baccalaureat exam (graduation) i studied like mad and i ended up studying a whole year of studies in only 3weeks, while teaching melissamy friend whom also was late like me
-i got my baccalaureat exam with a good mark
-i went on vaccation with my guy best friend Rafik and his familly
-i got accepted in the best university in our country :D
-i studiest first year science and technology
-i didn't work much on the fist semester because i was very tiered but the second semester i worked like mad the week before exams ofcourse cause i was late like always but decided to not waste a year of my life, get a good mark and pass to the 2nd
-i ended up having not too bad marks
-i made such nice friends (only 4) and they made my year one of the best i've ever had
-i'm passing to 2nd and my specialty is GEOPHYSICS yaaaay!! i got my 1st choice :D couldn't get anny happier
-now i'm on vaccation waiting impatiently for the start of univ year to study cause i can't stand doing nothing at all, i feel useless on vaccation unlike others i'm not fond of vaccations certainly when your vaccation is schedueled because we're with the preparations of my sister's wedding wich is in october but knowing weddings you have to buy things find a celebration room .. blabla blaa the cake and pchhhtt lots of things
luckilyy i'm a sports addict i looove working out soo this is how i pass my time (just building muscle XD oh and i lost 7kg after losing 13kg last year), i'm shopaholic which means once you blink my full wallet empties XD and reading books too is one of my pass time
speaking of friends, i felt like i lost touch with my best friend raf and i feel both sad and mad,melissa and i are good but my intuitions are never wrong and i feel this weird thing now she's just a friend. then, there's ahlem who's always been there no matter what she's a real one.
now it's getting late i'll write more later, for now there's nothing to add on my update list XD
night night

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