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2016-07-21 22:57:48 (UTC)

Mother's Birthday today

Weekend was very nice.

I feel I have to spend something in my own space to really start living a disciplined life where I meet all the daily targets I set myself.

I also spend a lot of time with my friend and her children. I think I am beginning to like her a lot. I am very apprehensive about getting into a relationship – and she is too as well.

I feel I can’t make a mistake with my next relationship so a bit scared about that – you just don’t know the future.

I will be excited to share some time with her and her kids though

I have a lot to consider – my finances, my kids, my accommodation, things that destroyed my previous marriage (I can’t hide from that)…..but I feel good when I think about her.

Today's is my mum's birthday . At 71 she is still very active and lives a very busy live and schedule. Long may this continue