2016-07-21 22:57:48 (UTC)

Daughter's Results

Very angry with my daughters term result.

Clearly not been supervised properly by the ‘busy’ mum.

I told the mum to put a structure in place and supervise so that the kids get into routine of studying as part of their daily routine.

I get a typical response back. I responded by telling her ‘Everything is not about money and I was asking about basic parenting’. I didn’t bother reading her response to that!

My friend Maria has disappointed for tomorrow. We are supposed to go out with friends. She always pulls out so no surprise there. I didn’t see her yesterday and I didn’t see her today – which is good and allows me to really think about any future I may have with her.
A bit of uncertainty at work as my boss is leaving

My Gaming business is going very well – we hope to launch in September.