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2016-07-20 00:00:00 (UTC)

Settling to a new routine

Now settled living on my own.
In a good routine of seeing kids every other week.

Ex now wants me to have them for the last 2 weeks of their 8 weeks summer holiday but unfortunately I can not have them in my studio flat for that long.
I can’t even afford to take time off work as I need to earn to pay off my debts and their school fees.

The child arrangement was originally done with the basic assumption that I will have my own accommodation where the kids can stay with a nanny looking after them.

She also does some stupid things like she has to take them for any activities that have when they are with her even though I set up the activities for them and pay for them.

The stupid thing is that most times she can’t make it anyway so I still end up taking them.

I am just glad I am no longer married to her.

I am still disgusted by all her lies…anyway moving swiftly on….I spend most of my days with a friend of mine and her young family. She claims we are just friends and keeps reminding me but Ilike her a lot….yea there are things that play on my mind like integrating the 2 sets of children, both our exes etc. I can’t afford to make a mistake on this one – so as much as I am eager to get it on I want to really take my time playing the friend cad and see where this goes. Some days I struggle as I like her a lot but generally I need to be realistic and just play this one out. I will pray about it as well. My parent s are in town. It’s good to have them around. They use to stay with my family and I whenever they come into town in the past but I no longer have a family home so they are staying with my sister.