A lady in the crowd
2016-07-22 05:54:49 (UTC)

Troubled Mind.

Today was different... It was meant to be an ordinary day, except that I missed morning practice. So I had to make up for it this afternoon. Off I went into the heat and I was pouring in sweat in less than fifteen minutes. My phone overheated and shut down; I felt slightly dizzy since the World around me was spinning in circles. I desperately needed water but my mind was focused on something else.

This hot feeling in my cheeks reminded me a lot about anger. You know, when you're so pissed off that your body temperatures go off the charts. I found myself thinking about memories from darker times in my life. I erupted like a volcano. I ran with pure anger and I quickly finished my run. My body was left weak, my legs almost limping, but my spirit continued to feel outraged.

This upsetting emotion is still here and I'm unsure on how to let it all out. I've trained myself to never let out my aggression on other people. It's not their fault... Running use to be enough; now I must find another loophole or hobby, somewhere I can unleash this hatred to ease my troubled mind.

~Yours Truly,