A lady in the crowd
2016-07-22 05:02:45 (UTC)

Bullies Behind a Computer.

Here on the web it starts off
With a light sense of humor,
I didn't speak up
It was only a

Then days passed, more comments
Lots of dark humor
I didn't speak up;
It was lighthearted

It soon passed my boundaries
Roasting one another on
Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and even on Kik.
I didn't speak up
I'm afraid they would think
I couldn't take a

Then people on the web
All sat behind their big expensive computer screens
They furiously typed
Racial slurs
Talk about rude!
I still didn't say anything
It'll go away if I just
'Ignore it.

It didn't...
Non-stop cyber-bullying, harassment,
I didn't say a word
I was too scared
They seemed

Then came the moment of truth,
Time for the bullies to speak up in real life
Face to face,
Eye to eye,
By that time the room was filled with

~Yours Truly,

P.S: This poem was originally based off a short story. Credits to Aaron Sosa for helping me write parts of the story and for being a creative teammate during Speech class! I love the story but I felt like it has more potential to be written as a poem; it'll be perfect for a poetry slam.