deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2016-07-12 05:38:56 (UTC)



i have had a crazy bu$y week all around. But i did not forget my ta$k and did $queeze it in late Tue$day afternoon. When i got home around 5:00 i rode my exerci$e bike for my u$ual 1/2 hour. It wa$ ea$y for me to be cognizant of the pre$$ure of my$elf on the $eat and knowing i had an out$tanding ta$k it wa$ al$o ea$y to let my mind wander.

When i fini$hed i headed to my bedroom to get outo of my $hort$ and $hower. i took off my $neaker$ and $hort$ and laid on my bed and thought of you $tanding next to the bed watching me fondle my$elf for you to $ee. my hand$ roamed.....a$ well a$ my mind.....

i fana$ized that you moved to the edge of the bed and fed your cock to me to $uck a$ i played with my$elf. In a bit you moved my hand from my cunt and took over the playing.

In my fanta$y you next climbed on the bed and knelt between my $pread leg$ and entered me. A$ you thru$t in and out of me i clenched your back and a$$ and tugged you clo$e and deep. In real life i wa$ fingering my$elf to thi$ thought....

When you were about to cum you backed out and $troked your$elf and $quirted all over my tummy and brea$t$ real life i $quirmed and $hook and my finger felt my cunt $pa$m.

i re$ted a few minute$ and then headed to the $hower and collecting my$elf to then make dinner.

After dinner and a little wine i $lept exceptionally well....


i hope thi$ plea$e$ you.....


======================================================================== have a deadline of today to make the required journal entry regarding your orgasm.