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me and my life
2016-07-11 16:55:22 (UTC)

Till now

Many things happened in this span of time. All is same but der is lil fun n lil loovvveee...
I drive pretty well I believe. Hehe.
Hd gone to lonavala with v den again on sis bday had gone to lonavala me mom n v and had fun over der. Our office mates saw us n v was worried den we were like give a damn huh hehe. V n I both have romantic fling. We r friends but we also know dat we love each other. We both r mature n talk abt this he know that has to settle down so do I.
We are very much vocal abt it. I share everything with him. He loves me a lot he does very much for me. He had also given me watch as gift. There is lot much to talk about him. I love him, more than for a genuine person and caring and loving.
Now abt work..
Now people has become lil hasty. They have become hungry to show off. Politics darkness cunningness n m getting lost between them. I can't play such games well. Let's see wat's stored further..
Plans are for new good job, n reseller business. Let's see how it works.