deanne and Connor

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2016-07-07 10:11:40 (UTC)

finally connected!!!!!

You have NO idea how fru$trating it ha$ been for 2 month$ or however long it ha$ been to communicate. I've $ent dozen$ of unan$wered Yahoo me$$age$ and got nothing in return.

Lot$ of explanation i$ an under$tatement for $ure!

i have a cla$$ $aturday and cannot be here. i will do my be$t to try $unday.



I finally got the password for here and finally entered the correct email address. I lost the autologon and was scrambling to figure a way to communicate. I sent multiple emails to all the addresses I had to let you know I was here and alive.

I haven't abandoned you but I have had to give up weekends for awhile. I desperately want to see you and it FRUSTRATING as hell not be able to communicate. I see your messages in the yahoo and answer them but you don't seem to see mine. I don't understand what happened with the app and its our only lifeline besides this one. please please don't give up. We have come so far and I need you. I will try to check this Sunday and for sure on Tuesday. I owe you lots of explanation and I WANT AND NEED cass to continue. This now works again and I will check it daily until we figure out how to fix yahoo. EVER YOUR MASTER STILL