A lady in the crowd
2016-07-04 07:16:37 (UTC)

For Joel.

It's a comforting thought that Joel has finally updated his blog after almost a year! I'll admit, it's hard to stay in touch with someone who lives in another city. Some people hold a grudge when another person doesn't text fast, but Joel and I went over a month without texting or talking. We're living proof that real friendship can survive!

We're busy people and to make matters worse, there was period of time where he didn't have a cellphone. The only way I could talk to him went down the gutter. Months later he bought a new cell; from time to time we found the time to make plans together. Last October he visited Calexico; we talked endlessly talked by filling in each other with details from our daily lives. Then we went for a walk throughout town and agreed that we should see each other again.

After our stressful finals were over, we made plans to hangout again this Summer. This time we invited the rest of our friends from Upward Bound; we went out to the Imperial Valley Mall. A week afterward, Joel came to Laura's pool party and we had a blast.

Last year while we were at USCD Summer Residential, Joel thought he was bi-sexual but turns out he discovered that he's gay. My other close friend who also happens to be gay, Jesse, joined us at the mall and both of them got along. They kept on talking and Jesse offered Joel a ride to the pool party. As long as my best friend is happy then I'm happy for him. Embrace it and own it!

P.S. Best of luck at San Diego this month (:

~Yours Truly,