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2016-06-30 23:53:22 (UTC)

Alcohol is Not the Answer (Yeah right!)

I know alcohol isn't the answer. Heard it many times before. I'm jaded and know how to cope with way more than the ave or even above ave person. What they don't know is although we know it's not the long term answer, sometimes we just need to relax for the day. And no, I don't do any illegal drugs. I have a full time job that pays well. I spend within my means, I pay my bills and all is ok.

I think peeps just don't realize that a day of peace is sometimes so priceless. I play darts. One night of dart league feels great. So once a week, when I play dart league, I'm a happy dude. I kayak fish too. When I'm out on a Sat or Sun fishing and kayaking, that too is just so freaking nice. So at peace. I know it's not a long term situation but to feel ok just for a day is priceless. So yeah, when I drink, I feel mellow. It lasts for a night and that's all I can ask for sometimes.

Not looking for long term giddy happiness to happen to me anymore. I take it day by day. Just making it through the day and trying to find the little glimmer of fun when I can.

I said this before but I'm not dying to live. I'm just living to die.

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