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me and my life
2016-06-28 19:00:49 (UTC)

V n me

V n I we both r too close to each other now.
We share everything with each other and we talk for hrs n hrs. We love each other's company, we share same thought, we care and love each other. V is very mature n sorted he knows wat he wants in his life. He is best for me. He loves me so do I. But der is something wic comes between us and stop us to stop whatever is going on between us. N his step was first. Coz he had betrayal in his life he dnt wanna suffer that again. He gets emotionally attached n sudden stranger wud not b good with him so with me. He is not settled n m not ready to commit and many practical things are coming on our way. I believe he is the most sweet soul I have come across as a friend to me. We r obviously more than a friend with each other coz we share emotional relation.
I donno what's gonna happen to us but he has changed his behaviour. He said it wud b good if we lower it love if we cannot b together. He respects my situation n decision so do I. But m feeling very bad. I want him. But I cannot rush. He has his goals n career n dreams. He is not fool n I dnt want him to be. But he is definitely the one. N I love him. I'll also try not to bother him n try to focus wat he wants to. I bought him a tee on Sunday. He shall get it soon. V babes I love u. If we meant to b we will b together. Nothing I can say.
Cyaaa n love u loads like fat kid love a cake.