A lady in the crowd
2016-06-27 06:16:12 (UTC)

Thanks but No Thanks.

It's a time of excitement for the Imperial Valley's Upward Bound members who are part of this years residential program at UCSD. Some of my closest friends left to San Diego this morning. They're off to a beautiful and large campus that holds some of my most precious memories.

I'm haunted by the thought that I could've been with them instead of staying at Calexico. If I said yes to UCSD, then things would've turned out a lot differently... Sure a one month trip is a getaway from everything and it's an unforgettable experience; but I have my reasons for saying no.

I'm here and not there, because I'm taking Speech 100 at Imperial Valley College along with a Law Enforcement Academy. Not only that but I can't miss one entire month of cross country practice. There's too much conditioning I would lose by being gone for four weeks. There's other local projects I'm working on and I'm looking forward to be sharing them soon!

I'm glad I'm here because I get to spend more quality time with my boyfriend Pablo. I went to his mother's 50th birthday party/ pool party last night. My mom meet Pablo's mother and they got along well. My mother gave me the stamp of approval after she met Pablo and I hope my grandma does the same thing. I told her everything and she's not fond of me dating someone older. However, I'm sure she'll overlook the age gap and she'll be able to accept him just like Pablo and I have been able to overcome our obstacles.

~Yours Truly,