deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2016-06-25 09:12:13 (UTC)

i don't know what to think.....

Once again i $it waiting and hoping you appear.

i am gue$$ing it ha$ been around 6 week$ $ince i have $een you. The ONLY me$$age you have $ent me wa$ a $cribble in Ca$$ that $aid to check email, but i have no email from You.

With the exception of 1 $aturday i have been here each weekend. i have $ent You invite$ for weekday vi$it$. No re$pon$e. i have written here multiple time$. No re$pon$e. i have left me$$age$ in Ca$$. No re$pon$e. i have even paid the annual renewal for Ca$$.

i am at a lo$$ for word$ or feeling$. It hurt$, but more than anything i wonder why. Have You met $omeone You care more for? Maybe even a R/L relation$hip? i ju$t don't know.

Plea$e let me know. Even if it will hurt more, i would rather know than to wonder.


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