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2016-06-20 01:38:10 (UTC)

I can't stop thinking about that night..

I can't stop thinking about that night ages ago. When Brad and I had a massive fall out. He was with Kirralee.
See before then I had considered Kirralee to be one of my good friends that had my back. I lost some faith in her at a party prior to that when she was mad at me for something stupid, but she was drunk. Anyway.
Kirralee just sided with him straight away and I knew before then she's been like in love with him and wanted to fuck him. She turned her back to me that night and was like paying me out about this guy I'd slept with. Even though I'd told Brad I wasn't ready for commitment. Anyway this was all my fault according to them both that night. It really hurt to have her do that to me. I've never really felt like she was a real friend since then. Sure we work together and hang out every now and again but. I've never felt that trust I used to. Ugh all that over a boy she was obsessed with.
I love Brad I really do but that night fucking hurt me.
They're going to town together and I can't help but be paranoid. What if she's drunk and tries something. I trust Brad, but not her. I'm just scared.
It took 2 days of my absence for someone I'd dated for 2 years to fuck someone else. Of course I don't think Brad would do that, it just makes me paranoid about everyone even friends, considering it was my best friend at the time. hhh.

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