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2016-06-16 05:20:46 (UTC)

Our Day Together.

Today has been one of the best days because I was with Pablo. Time slipped away and the morning quickly transformed into the afternoon. It all began with a wonderful surprise, he gave me a bouquet of red roses. Then we went to Bucklin park at El Centro. It's a large park filled with hills and a small pond that is also the home to many mallard ducks and geese. We walked throughout the entire park until we decided to lay down on the grass. If we were to ever become hippies then Bucklin park would be the ideal place to live!

After about two hours the clock read 10 AM and hunger struck us both. We went to eat breakfast at Denny's. I ordered a strawberry milkshake along with the All-American slam and he ordered orange juice and the T-bone steak and eggs. It was a delicious meal and we felt satisfied. My stomach felt full and I was so relaxed that I could've taken a nap in the car.

The next stop was to the Imperial Valley Mall. We didn't buy anything but that didn't stop us from having a good time. We went into stores like Papayas, Journeys, Hot Topic, Finish Line, and Spencers. I even ran into, Luis Ruiz, an old friend of mine from last years Residential program. I quickly greeted Luis and we went our separate ways.

We were running short on ideas of where we should go next. Then I thought about the pool/jucuzzi. So that's where we went next- we drove back into town and parked on the right side of El Sol. Neither of us brought swimming gear but we could care less. I took my shirt off and kept my legging on; and he took everything off except his boxers. There we were, together in a Jacuzzi. The cold water felt re-freshening on a hot Summer afternoon. We held hands and kissed. I looked into his eyes and thought about how grateful and how lucky I am to be able to call him mine.

~Yours Truly,