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2016-06-15 07:04:30 (UTC)

Catching up With Old Friends.

After months of not seeing my close friends from USCD's Summer Residential program, we were finally able to catch up. The last time we saw each other was when we went on a trip to UCLA and Disney Land. We all decided to catch up at the Imperial Valley mall: Gracie, Joel, Andrew, Jesse, and I all got together in one place. We took our time shopping from store to store, we bought coffee at Star Bucks, and we ate lunch at Katori's. The most memorable part was when we talked about all of the things that have happened lately.

Gracie is now the band captain at Brawley, Joel managed to pass his AP Chemistry class, Andrew has been working hard for his upcoming Wrestling season, and Jesse is graduating! I spoke about how I'm not going to USCD for this years residential program because I would miss out on a lot if I were to be gone for a month. Living in San Diego has been one of the best experiences in my life but I can't go this Summer. I have a Law Enforcement boot camp, I'm taking Speech 100 at IVC, and I might be taking AP Environmental science if my schedule allows it. Besides that, I have to focus on my final cross country season in High School. I'm team captain for our mighty Bulldogs and I will be at morning practice everyday at 5:15 AM; I need to be a consistent leader for our team.

Even though I'm not going to be at USCD, I continue to feel excited about my other plans for this Summer. I'm going to be doing what I love most: running, more time for writing, and hopefully I'll be able to spend my Summer with a special somebody. I'm not naming names or anything but he's caught my undivided attention and we're spending tomorrow together!

~Yours Truly,