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2016-06-15 02:01:25 (UTC)

Paintball Shooting.

One of the many quotes I like to live by is, "Today was good! Today was fun; tomorrow's another one!" Dr Seuss was and will always be an amazing and talented author who wrote my favorite childhood stories.

A few days ago, last Monday to be exact, I went to Camp Pentleton to go paintball shooting! I was excited but at the same time I felt nervous about being shot. It's an occasion I had looked forward to for months and now the moment was finally here.

I bought protection gear that was camouflaged and then I rented a paintball gun. It was a heavy black gun with a small hopper and a shiny compressed air tank. The paintball gun also came with a large bag of yellow ammo. Then over 100 law enforcement students entered a shooting field that was full of hills, small buildings, and trenches. The perimeter of the field was surrounded by a tall fence that prevented the bullets from not going through the fence.

The game began. I teamed up with Andres Hernandez and we decided to hide in the trenches. We ran as fast as we could and we threw ourselves on the ground."Fire away!" I shouted to Andres. We both aimed at our opponents. Many of them were our friends but in this moment they were the enemy. I aimed and fired as many people as I could until I had to re-fill my ammo. My mask was filled with sweat and my shoes were covered in mud from running through the tough terrain. We became a filthy mess but we were having a hell of a good time. Traveling through trenches and running up hills didn't leave us with much protection. I got shot on both sides of my shoulders, on my knee cap, and on my upper thigh.

After over three hours of paintball shooting were off to the beach at Ocean Side! Juan, Yvonne, Andres, and I ate lunch together. Then we changed into our swimming gear and we went off into the beautiful ocean. At first, the water was freezing but once we got used to the cold breeze. The strong tides moved in all sorts of wild directions and I was dragged into the deeper side of the ocean. After about half an hour Andres and I went for a walk along the sea shore. It was a time of relaxation and being away for a few hours; I really needed this.

~Yours Truly,