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2016-06-12 15:32:54 (UTC)

Natural Hurrrr

So this weekend, after a 2-3 week stint of wearing my natural hurrrr out for the first time evurrrr, like as in my god-given hair texture worn out, out - i've finally got my hair back in braids. Going back to braids bruv, i'm too busy right now to ride or die with the movement. I tried, not hard enough admittedly but there was effort involved. And let's not mention the effect it seemed to have on my man-pulling power. Now don't get me wrong i'm not saying that I think that my natural hair was less attractive - in fact quite the opposite. I felt more attractive, more powerful, like I had more presence. I loved it. But getting to this point of vixen-ness took effort in the form of twisting, combing-out, conditioning, co-washing, pre-pooing (obvs not in this order) and learning a new collection of lingo and routine. When I did all this, and got my hair looking it's best, I looked amazing. Hair standing on end, gravity defying, I embodied strength and woman-ness. That's how i felt. Every glance i received from men and women, I felt truly deserving of. Of course they'd look at me. However there was a flip side. That brilliance always felt flimsy and fragile - at the mercy of the weather, or time, or how much I moved. Like there was only so long i could rock the look before I turned into a pumpkin. So its back to braids. No regrets. Besides, my hair was breaking like a mo-fo and I hadn't found the style I liked yet, nor did I have the time or patience to experiment.