Long Gone Days
2001-10-10 20:42:28 (UTC)

First Day- Welcome to the Neighbourhood

Well, a journal online then........wonder if I'll regret
this? Have absolutely no idea who will be reading this or
why, but somehow the anonymity of the Net is soothing and I
don't feel too bad about this. Might be nice.......

To begin then, my little nickname is Mal. French prefix for
all things bad or harmful, hmmm. I live in England and do
one shitty job and one cool job; the shitty job is in a
shop, the cool job is in a University. I am female, I'm
nearly 22. I live with my boyfriend; at least I think I do,
although he's undergone such a change in the past two years
that I'm not sure it's the same guy...I was going out with
a stick thin junkie but now he's clean, working, well never ceases to amaze me and I'm not sure it's
even the same guy. Some poor bitch got mine! I live in a
house that should be derelict but is still full of tenants.
We've had all sorts here. Smack dealers (enough to deter
even the most hardened dope head which may have something
to do with my earlier statement), prostitutes male and
female, alcoholics, now a murder suspect (more later). The
whole house is notorious and the Police may as well rent a
room for the amount of times they're here every week. So
why am I here, a slightly neurotic but quite blameless ex-
student? Cause I'm penniless.
We both are. I work two jobs but still can't make up my
hours and earn about £60 a week tops. My boyfriend works
from 5-5 every day and we still only just break even here.
Hope to go, as soon as we can.

SO anyway, I want to describe what happened on the weekend.
I left early as I had to be at my shitty job. I got back at
about 5 in the afternoon. As I walked up the road I could
see that part of our road was cordoned off by police tape
and I could see a gathering of officers at my front gate.
By this point my heartbeat was beginning to rise...I always
think the worst, and I was starting to think something may
have happened to my boy. I wanted to look up to the window
of the flat but I was kinda nervous because I knew if he
wasn't there looking out I'd probably drop. I got to the
gate and this smarmy detective said, "Are you [my name]?" I
always hate it when the police know me by name as it's
never a good sign, and by now I was shaking. Just then I
saw the shadow of my boy at the window. Thank fuck! I
really thought something had happened! I asked what had
happened, but the detective obviously thought I was an
idiot (can't blame him, he knew the house as well as anyone
else) and wouldn't tell me, just said in a very
BUILDING!" Jeez......I'm not six! But 'toddle off' I did.
Turns out that one of the alcoholics on the ground floor,
plus an 11 YEAR OLD KID were arrested on suspicion of
murder of another of the alcoholics. The guy had been
beaten with something blunt and had managed to crawl
outside into the nearby pub car park where someone phoned
for help, but he died of his injuries. The scenes of crime
people were there all day in their suits, felt like an
extra on Outbreak. And we had to sign in and out of our
flat until midnight that night.

If that wasn't weird enough, as I was leaving on Monday
some slightly manic, middle aged woman who I just assumed
was a religious nut, was hanging around in our front
garden. She asked if the suspect was in, I said I had no
idea. She went on to inform me that she was a psychic that
had come to help solve the murder case! Life: stranger than


Just had a very rude email from the shitty job telling me
they weren't going to allow me to be flexible with my
hours, hence forcing me to turn down hours at the good job.
I hate bosses. I might pack in the shop and busk.


Signing off for now
MAL xxx