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me and my life
2016-06-06 17:58:05 (UTC)


Have been eating homeopathy medicine still no periods. It's just worring far spent 2400 in one month. It's really disturbing. Donno when I'll get my periods.
Yest I shared all with v abt my problems abt struggle n all. He is really very sweetipie so understanding he is. I just love him. We both are clear abt what we want no relationship even if we love each other that is a friend love n we have relation thing to come between us and its very cool. I love spending time with him. Next Sunday we are going for long drive.
Office is going well. Have work not much. For now fun in life same thing work travel like donkey eat sleep n repeat.
Nothing else tomorrow going to doc let's see what he has to say. God periods plssss