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me and my life
2016-06-01 16:08:16 (UTC)

Random mess in mind

Monday I met my college friends. Some earn twice than me n some less, but the one who are earning more than me is my point. I also want to earn more. At this age I should have been earning like 40k like yeah that was my goal. But :(
I have to move fast. I am in race where I have less time and lot to do. My priority for now is to get good permanent job which can give me handsome salary. From which I can get house on rent. I feel so much in pressure. I hope this will workout soon. Amen!
Wat else sis was I'll now fine. Today is mom ka bday. I bought her only kurta and cake as she refused for dinner out. As we only 2 were there maybe I donno.
Dad is behaving worst he will never change. He is just pathetic as he was. In my plan he stands no where. I just donno about him.
V is very sweet person I really love him for what he is. As a person and a nice sole.
I love him. I do fantasies about him but my love for him is more on for what he is rather than physical. I love him. He really understands me, he is very caring and a mature person. He is my fun n companion for now in this phase of life.
Office sucks big time these days no work at all. Really it's very boring over that my irritating colleagues I just hate it.
God pls lemme get good and permanent job.
Bless me. Cya all...