A lady in the crowd
2016-05-31 14:38:06 (UTC)

Appreciating Art.

What looks like a just another painting to us is an incredible story to an artist. I'm not good at understanding art myself but I'm definitely an admirer! This weekend I went to the Art Walk at the Border along with my two friends Amna and Myriam. We saw plenty of familiar faces: David Woo, Astrid, Kenya, Grecia, Fabian, Jesse, Fernanda, and Vanessa just to name a few.

The Art Walk was filled with talented artist who had their paintings on display. Other artist had sketches or even photographs. Most of them were selling their art so I decided to buy Marina Contreras's painting with the caption, "Welcome to the city of Calexico." I bought it because no matter how far I travel in the future it's vital to remember my roots originated from Calexico.

I met a Russian while I was walking through each booth. He was tall, blond, and handsome. He's a photographer who enjoys to travel a lot. He had beautiful high definition pictures of the places he's traveled to. Although I don't remember his name I will remember his piercing baby blue eyes.

The Art Walk is a place to admire the work of talented artist, a place to meet new people, and it has local bands playing too. People, music, and art are all unite in one place.

~Yours Truly,