A lady in the crowd
2016-05-30 14:56:35 (UTC)


I've met friends who have become strangers. Sometimes the old saying is true; nothing last forever even friendship. What about those who stop talking to us without a reason? Gone without a trace and sometimes we might never hear from them again.

Jason Preston and I stopped talking for nearly a month. No emails, phone calls, or text messages. It turns out that he was in a car accident while he was traveling someplace in the United States. Luckily the injuries were nothing serious and he recovered quickly.

To my surprise, this wasn't the main reason why Jason disappeared. He opened up a new business that gives people the opportunity to receive comfort and relief when they lose a loved one. It's good to know that he's making the World a better place.

I've never met Jason by person before. He reads my blog and one day he sent me a message. From then on, we began to email each other and we give each other life advice. He's an amazing conversationalist and he's taught me about the importance of networking. Meeting new people is not only fun and exciting, but expanding our contacts outside of our own city has many benefits. It's vital to have connections; it comes in handy.

~Yours Truly,