2016-05-26 15:40:20 (UTC)

Oh I Guess I Wrote This On Thursday

"Pavements" by Natalie

You said the rain made you feel like you're in the sea

May26, 2016 Thursday 4:03 PM

I!!! Am pleased. Thank you, world, for falling into place just this one time. I mean. Obviously, you will also work out well for me in the future, but most of the time things are not perfect and that's okay just – I'm glad today was pretty good.

I didn't go to school yesterday. That was a shitty day, honestly. Also, I couldn't sleep. I mean. I didn't even bother trying until one in the morning, my fault. But then I actually really couldn't fall asleep for like 1.5 hours following that. I just kept thinking and my stomach hurt a lot and I cried a little and. It was bad.

Today was okay, though. Really okay. No, it was not perfect (which is what I suggested above, but I'm just grateful okay) but it was cool.

I felt Off all day, all outside the lines, but people were good. My people.

We had this junior class award thing today. People gotz all kinda kool stuff. Alexis got this book from Harvard (the book was, predictably, about Harvard and its history and a bunch of things few people give a fuck about... still tho. cool !!! ) and Lily got a. Dang what did Lily get? Some kind of award for interest in engineering, but Lily is actually super interested in computer science and that makes me really really really happy in a way I can't describe. It's so cool!!!!!! She's so cool.

I'm sort of pleased 'cause I (and this one other kid) got this thing called the RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology, yo) Innovation and Creativity Award. I wonder how they decided on the recipients.

Anyway, basically it says that if I go to their school, they'll give me $7,000 dollars a year in financial aid (only if I go there, duh) and they'll waive the application fee if I choose to apply. They gave me this big ass metal coin (it's black), too, with R.I.T in raised gold letters and then the full name on the rim plus the year the school was established (1829).

I'm supposed to write them a thank you letter, according to an accompanying letter from our principal. He said it will "guarantee" future awards in this category. Cool.

This is cool. But. I'm not planning on majoring in any STEM fields and that's what this school is best for so... I don't know. I had been planning on an English or Psychology major, depending on how the next year goes.