always wth love

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2016-05-26 08:59:09 (UTC)


I broke apart yesterday i was so exhausted from all the tears that rain down my face, i wont go into it but i felt so very very sick! id called her and talked over an hr, it felt so good to hear her voice, i miss my mom. she told be breathe and enjoy college i havent hear say that before? It felt great just being her child then avoiding of the reality of her first born young adult. She felt horned that she could make me feel whole again :)I miss my baby brother too, i hope get to visit some time soon.

Okay....i honestly dnt know how this came bout' it felt so scorned this past week, i still dont know why thou? She had asked if id talked him yesterday no. then she had asked if he ask you to his graduation? and well said: yes. bad on my part she's accusing of but i dont think she remembers last friday when id came home.... i honestly do, i hate that because am blamed for everything at this point. i try to explain why didnt want go and in the mist of that tryn jock her memory bout what she said??? But no it didnt work it just got worse.

So what can i say am i a good for him? i dont think so at this point, she had asked questions one i almost said the honest truth but lied, i dont like conflict i hate it so much its unbearable to be normal.