always wth love

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2016-05-25 08:56:16 (UTC)

Nobody to comfort me?

Nobody to comfort me?

Nobody to talk too, i wish i could die but i cant i'll leave everybody what made her do this? Nobody would see my point. So there, my result no really answer to make me feel important to stay alive, yesterday id rushed off the bus and id saw James since last week, hes so perfect but me am so shitty i shouldnt be his friend, i know that for sure. He came back from his trip, i feel so damn pathetic he smile was simple he didnt know what id happened to me? id avoid his text i felt so damn sick to my stomach, i want to throw up so many times.....My aniety is so bad! i cant take it, I'm tired of all the long sermons of pass issues that can NEVER die! Im so over defeating myself, i never win an battle. I wish could forget but i truly cant.

My anxiety is damn bad that i dont like doing out of my room, ignore my alarm once again this morning. Im so over the fighting before i leave this damn house. I wish i can talk freely when am home but isnt gonna happen EVER!. today i have a final for math a thirds time is the charm right?

Alright gotta go need to see marine girl before i fail on this final, she brings me so much joy. She cant even imagine.