always wth love

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2016-05-24 11:23:53 (UTC)

I dont believe anyone but you, and me ...

I dont believe anyone but you, and me ...of course God.

Last night it was all my fault, yes i can say that so im stupid one!

I couldnt sleep well, my aneixy was off the charts! :( my head was still spinning. i woke up at 2am to turn on my ceiling fan it was so vivid one. So my alarm id set yesterday morning gonna off right on time at 4am today but still i felt so trudge by it and gone back sleep, yeah i know it was still bad :( on my part. i didnt feel so safe leaving my room for any reason, i didnt want deal with choas before id left the house.

I felt like throwing up again cause my nerves off by the tense id cause on myself. id rushed to eat and try my vary best to finish close quater of the study guide Still open book exam isnt multiple choice its 4 short questions answers (take home final upload 5/27 before than-11:59pm on BB)So id breathe and try not breakdown on the bus ride watching sunrise appear in the beauitful sky (barely smile) *sigh

Yesterday id saw my gurl Erika for the last time and i gave her hug and talked a bit. She believes me and i beilieve so much more she doesnt know that?

Oh yeah, Shes going to NY tomorrow night i will see her tomorrow for last chance? to say what ive been hiding???? Shit. she's a good tutor in math, i will truly miss her:(

Yesterday evening texted James hes still out of town :( i miss him so much, well got go cause i need focus on my Science final;)

I still feel sick to my stomatch....ugh!