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2016-05-24 17:38:11 (UTC)


Hi i am back to share something very strange. lets start with the beginning.
I was upset on v on shouting on and the other day he spoke to me trying to convince me and bla bla and we were OK... on Sunday i happened to visit his house as he always asked for. His place was very tiny and i was feeling bad for how he is living now. now when I was at his place he was all close to me. he peck me, and all also he became lil romantic but i wasnt feeling this at all. infact i was in hurry to leave that place. he tried to kiss me on lips but i dint let him. I said i am not comfy. he was also surprised by strange reactio of mine as we talk all these romantic stuff. later i drove car alot he was all ok. then we discuss abt it and i said m not OK with this all and i donno abt future coz i really donno. donno what happened to me i was not getting that feeling for him evn though i fantasize abt him. but that day i was not at all comfo.
we had a chat on abt it and i said i love u for wat u r and i donno but some how i dnt get that feeling for u. he was very much understanding and listened everything calmly. he said its good for u n me that u shared and u r clear abt it. he is such a nice person. i see no change in his behavior not even 1%. i donno whats wrong with me. he is very much lovable. i shared with mom that i like him but not in that way nad she was like take ur time and think abt it.

today i am sick in fever cyaa