always wth love

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2016-05-23 09:09:28 (UTC)

what he said was real.

The word start with Maybe

Id gone to bible study wth him, he asked me a question that blew me over :( he asked me to his graduation that is this friday :( i honestly have thought bout it i didnt feel comfortable cause it was a family event i just knew that right? he knows as well, so id told him that i will think bout it? am i Wrong to think that. Hmmm... we were in the car almost an whole hr before going inside to bible study.

Before we had left the asked him curiosity question i was nerves but a foot load of thoughts ... he told me He like me too, ive said it more times than ever before? i knew when he told me that i know it more real then everything i have heard as in my life.

So yeah, id saw sarah that same night she just got done wth her finals. she looked tired as FUCK i couldnt blame her ounces finals can messs up a person, for real.

id also spoke wth churchgurl,we had talked bout finals and otehr crap but it was hella short. it was good to see her again:)