A lady in the crowd
2016-05-23 05:00:07 (UTC)

My Days Are Counted.

Junior is coming to an end and I'm feeling mixed emotions about becoming a senior. I'm excited graduate next year and to legally be an adult with a drivers license! At the same time I think to myself, "Am I honestly ready to take on more responsibilities?" Their are many pros, like having more liberty but one wrong move and I might get myself into serious trouble.

Maybe I'm overthinking about the future and I should just appreciate the present. Becoming aware that my days in the Valley are counted motivates me to make this final year count. There are plenty of places that are far more beautiful than this rut but I know that I'm going to miss Calexico. Over the years this place has grown on me and it'll be hard to let go. I'm going to try my best to prepare myself for whatever it is that might happen next.

~Yours Truly,