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2016-05-20 09:45:05 (UTC)

Up in flames! :( part 16

How is it so easily to fall apart in my life right? :( i barely got an sleep to last night id fallen very jumpin' that i couldnt sleep so great that my anxiety was 100% showing that i couldnt even tell that i wasnt myself at all.i this all happened when id took a short shower after a stressed out day! ..until my friend's aunty say? are you okay, are you stressing out about grades??? Id said NO! even thou it was complete a lie for only 2 classes. But my environmental science is stable at the moment.
i woke so sick to stomach that id to force myself to eat this vary morning. i couldnt stay normal cause my head is still spinning :( i hate feeling out of control. i wish i can tell her that i truly think, i need to go to the doctor to diagnosis me of depression and anxiety. im died fuckin' serious! i honestly think its time.

id saw marine girl yesterday we spoke a bit more she leaves for bootcamp sept 9th :( i miss her already i see her again next week for finals :(
i dont know when ill post again, to be real wth u guys... i hopefully get to hang wth him tonight:) he makes me really happy and somehow makes me stay alive!