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me and my life
2016-05-20 16:02:42 (UTC)


I am very much annoyed with v. Like always we are not talking to each other. Because couple of days back he scolded me for interfering in others matter. He scolded me very bad he shouted on me loud and I am very much annoyed. So from yest I dint speak to him nor did he spoke to me. I was expecting his call yesterday but unfortunately he dint. Also was expecting his buzz today but that also he dint which is annoying me more.
Nobody in this world can love you like your mother all are fake. V always say me love u n all which is nothing but a lie and fake. I'll stop him from saying so henceforth.
The other day when he was angry I convinced him pampered him , made him so many calls even when he was disconnecting the call. I guess I am fool. Really I always make fool out of myself. Abhi nai just concentrate on future career and life. Be mean like others. Really I have to learn to be mean.